Almost $70 billion is the worth of the online global industry. It grew with a rate of 13.2% CAGR before the pandemic, but the numbers are expected to skyrocket during 2020. The trend will probably continue as people realize how cool online gambling is.

If you’re still not convinced, check out 안전놀이터 to see what they think about gambling online or simply read the following article. We will try to explain why online gambling is better than the traditional one. Follow up to learn more about the subject.

It’s convenient

Unlike standard casino playing, online gambling happens wherever and whenever you want. There’s no rule about how you’re going to act, look, or what you’re going to say when you lose your nerves because of losing hand.

There’s no dress code, and no security will prevent you from entering inside the casino if you’re drunk. If you have an internet connection, you’re welcomed to log in and start playing your favorite game.

You can do it from any place on earth. All you need is an internet connection. You can do it from home, enjoying your living room stretched down the sofa, or you can play while you’re in the toilet. There’s no rule since no one sees you on the other side of the screen.

You can do it on the bus while you’re on the way to work, enjoy while sitting in a park bench watching your dog running around, or spending some time playing in the mountains while resting by the campfire. It’s really up to you. If you have a connection, then you’re welcomed to play.

No rules, no drawbacks, no waiting in lines, no annoying people around you, and definitely no card dealer who brings bad luck. It’s just you and your device. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, whatever you have in your hand, it’s good for your entertainment.

Prevents from getting Covid-19 infected

With the novel coronavirus, almost all casinos around the world had to close their doors. The spreading of the disease showed easy in closed locations, so the authorities placed a lock on the doors of the casinos.

Some 96% of the entire casino workforce in the US lost their jobs. We’re talking about around 500,000 people who became jobless somewhere around April. See more about this on the link.

However, the casinos are now reopening and letting people back in. The industry lost billions of dollars. According to the American Gaming Association, the industry lost 79% of the entire profits in the second quarter of 2020. These things had to change, and the authorities are slowly letting the companies reopen under new safety protocols.

The problem for the ordinary player here is that they can’t be sure that they are not going to get infected. Touching of the chips, changing money, going to the toilet, these are all things that might be dangerous.

Even if everyone follows the strict protocols, that will mean constant wearing masks and hand gloves. The joy of casino play will be lost. People will have trouble breathing, and the enjoyment will not be as it used to be usually.

Playing from home gives you an entirely different perspective. You don’t have social communication with anyone. No one else touches your phone or computer, and no one else shares your chips and gives the possibility to get infected.

Gives you more chance for winning

One of the standard best features of online gambling is the fact that you have bigger chances of winning money while playing on the internet. How can this be?

The catch is in the odds you have while playing. When it comes to playing games like Texas Hold’Em poker or Black Jack against a live dealer, provide equal chance everywhere on earth. But, if you play this online, you’re getting the chance of winning through a computer.

The video poker gives you a fixed number of chances that are provided by your online casino owner. The slot machines are available in both standard casinos and on the internet. The difference is that you have a better chance to win on the internet.

Playing Texas Hold’Em on the internet against real people, for example, is the same, because you have equal odds playing against real people. However, if you’re skilled enough, you have a better chance of winning because people don’t act standardly online. For this, you’ll need to learn the secrets of the game. Learn more about the secrets of this game here:

If you enjoy slot machines, you know that traditional casinos provide them, but the internet places also have them. The difference is that you have around 92% of chances to return your one invested dollar in Las Vegas, for example, while online, your chances are as high as 98%. That tells you how better playing from home is.

Wide variety of different games

Popular conventional casinos provide only so many games. Those who are the most popular are available, and only a few of them will offer something else.

On the internet, it’s a different story. Some pages offer so many games. From standard popular ones to far-east traditional games that you might love.

Of course, there is the sports betting too. The ability to bet on our favorite sports team is something that you won’t find in the casinos around the world where the bright lights shine and ask you to come in and spend your money.

The sports betting is based on a completely different philosophy, and if you’re skilled enough to know who’s going to win, you may never lose money in your life. Of course, this is not as simple as it sounds, but in theory, it’s possible. Unlike other gambling games in which even theory is not as strong and on your side.

With thousands of pages on the internet, you can be sure that you’ll find what you love playing. Almost every game is available. All you need to do is research where you can find it. When you do it, no one will stop you from enjoying it for as long as possible.

Loyalty programs and bonuses

Unlike classic places, these places give you a chance to win more if you’re loyal. If you log in regularly and spend money regularly on a particular page, then the owners will reward you for your loyalty.

You will receive a ton of bonuses and rewards in different forms. Things like gambling money, unlocking higher levels and tables for your enjoyment, and other things too will be provided. All you need to do is find your favorite places and spend time playing your favorite games there.


With the things we’ve written above, it’s clear that online gambling is much better than the traditional one. Especially now, with the coronavirus raging everywhere around the world, it’s much smarter to stay home and enjoy some time with your laptop or smartphone.

Avoid other people, stay safe, and make sure you enjoy the time in winning money through your favorite game. It doesn’t matter what it is, poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, slot machines, they have it all. Make your choice and have fun!

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