A casino host won’t tell you everything. But this is an exception to our recommended Best online pokies Australia.

1. Which games offer the highest camps

A casino host want to collect as much money possible through gambling from you. Your casino host know very well that which games have the highest house edge and highest hold percentage. They also know which ones have the lowest. A casino determines a player’s competitive level by how much the player is expected to lose. This is determined by the expected house edge on the game being played multiplied by the total amount wagered. The more money the player will lose, the better it will be for the casino host.

2. Which games offer the lowest house edge

The casino host does not want you to play lowest house edge. So, they probably won’t tell you which one’s have it. It does not matter which one’s have a low house edge if you don’t play them with the best possible strategy. But your host still want you to lose as much as possible.

3. They don’t like you

The host is not your friend, and they don’t like you. The casino host job is to let you in gamble as much as possible. Don’t make the mistake of thinking as them your friend in whichever manner they act. Casino host hears your stories, but they don’t really care. Their pretend that they care enough to get you in gamble more.

4. Nothing in Casino is for free.

The ‘free’ drinks, meals, rooms and flights do not come for free. They are paid out of your expected losses. The casino tells you that all these things are for free- they want you to be grateful that they are taking care of you. The casino knows that the player is going to lose on an average every time he comes. They know how to fool by pretending free and then also earn lots of money. Everything you get in as offer is directly related to how much you play. If you want more comps than you need to play more.

5. You don’t get, if you don’t ask

Many players don’t ask many questions from other players. Casino host probably provide you with basic amenities, but you don’t know how much more you can get if you ask for. It is not necessary to ask for monetary benefits only. Sometimes information can be valuable. Your host should provide you with great deal of information for making it available for others. You should shop your play more and more. get as much return for you play as much you can. Unless you ask for track of your plays and know about the how your casino decide your amount, you won’t know whereyou on scale of players are. If you are just away from an upgrade or perks, it would be nice to know so you could play a little more.

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