Online poker like the name suggests is the kind of poker that you get to play over the internet. You can play it on a computer such as a desktop or a laptop. Fortunately, there is always something happening in the poker world and today, you can enjoy an 온라인홀덤 poker game using your phone. This is what we are referring to as mobile poker. Most poker websites also provide you a downloadable poker app for iOS and android operating systems. Thus, if you have a phone that runs any of these two operating systems, you shouldn’t worry. The apps can also run on iPads, iPods and android tablets. Some most sophisticated websites offer downloadable apps for BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone OS. In very rare cases, if you are lucky enough, you will find apps that run on Symbian OS.

Online poker vs. Mobile poker

The only noticeable difference between mobile poker and online poker is mostly convenience. Mobile poker simply offers players more convenience in that they can play a game any time they have a few minutes in their day. One can play a game while they are in the toilet, taking a coffee break, or just taking a 5-minute break from work. You get to play for a few minutes as you wait for the doctor to call you into their offices when you have an appointment. Mobile poker really takes the boredom out of your day!

Even though online poker offers almost the same level of convenience, the two are not quite the same. To play online poker, you will need to have the time to power up your computer, sing in into your account, and play. When you are done with the play, you may have to shut it down and then carry the extra load to wherever you are going. Not so convenient, is it?

Downloading a mobile poker app

Whether you can or cannot download a poker app on your phone will depend on the country you come from because there are countries where politicians are not fans of the convenience that mobile poker offers. Thus, they block such apps from being available to their citizens. However, if you are from a more freedom-loving country, then you can download a mobile poker app easily off Google Play, Windows Store, or the Apple iTunes Store depending on your phone’s operating system. Before you download the app, you should check reviews and ratings provided by other people. Most poker sites also make their mobile apps on their own sites.

Signing up for a mobile poker site

Once you have downloaded the app, the next thing you will need to do is to install it. This is usually a pretty fast process and should take like five minutes to complete. Once the installation has been completed successfully, you will be good to go. You should create your account by filling the registration form. Once the registration is complete and your account has been verified, you will be set for action.

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