Unlike traditional poker, poker machines are game of luck; it does not require any skill or strategy. But wagers, particularly problem gamblers, ignore this fact. These machines are designed to favor the house, not the player. Poker machines in Australia have a return to player (RTP) of 90%. According to the Productivity Commission data, the annual gambling loss associated with the Australian poker machine is around $12 billion. It is projected 40% of the overall loss comes from problem gamblers. The same report exhibits a problem gambler spends an average of ten hours on poker machines per week, registering an annual loss of S21 000.

Actuarially fair poker mechanism

Mega888 offers an actuarially fair poker mechanism, which gives a fair chance to gamblers. These machines do not guarantee zero loss; there is always a chance of gain or loss. The randomly generated system incorporated in the system streamlines the gambling return around a mean of zero. The RTP of these machines are around 100%, implying the price per bet equal to zero. This fair mechanism gives an equal footing to gamblers, especially to problem wagers.

Problem gamblers do not quit betting randomly. An addicted gambler, apart from high volume betting, is subjected to chase loss, engaged in wishful thinking. A gambler with limited resources bets on actuarially fair poker against a wealthy house for a prolonged period; he will be bankrupt after a certain time. In theory, gambling with an actuarially fair poker machine requires an average of the countless number of bets to lose the initial stake. Play mega888 with 918kissmalaysia.app patience and judgment to enjoy the game.

Poker machines installed in public places such as pubs and clubs are meant for not detrimental enjoyment. But unfortunately, they cause significant harm to 30% of regular users. The intended idea failed measurably. In the Australian state of Victoria, the bet size of the poker machine is restricted to $5. This implies these machines can generate revenue of $600 per hour. In NSW, the bet size is limited to $10; the machines can breed S1200 per hour.

The revenue generated is equal to the gambler`s loss. Poker machines floored at clubs and pubs constitute 54% ($11 billion) of the total S20.5 billion yearly gambling loss. This figure of gambling loss is alarming, as most poker machines are placed in suburban areas. The federal government wants to minimize the gambling loss, and a step towards it, the government introduced a pre-committed system. The player can decide the amount of loss before starting gambling; this sets a boundary. But due to fierce resistance from the gambling industry, the law was not passed.

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