The saying goes practice makes perfect; the same is true in respect to gambling. There are many free versions of casino games, and if you want to master the game of baccarat, it would definitely help you. The game of baccarat has a lot of mysteries around it. After all, it is the favorite card game of James Bond. If you think you need a lot of skill to master the game, you are wide away from the truth. There is the only strategy to play baccarat online or offline bet on the banker. This one-liner strategy is all you want to know. 


But you must understand the basic gameplay of baccarat; there are three types of bet Banker, Player and Tie. The banker, the player bet is even money bet; only banker bet attracts 5% commission on any win. Baccarat is a card game that is very similar to blackjack but without a decision making element. 


The card value of baccarat is very similar to blackjack.

The card value of baccarat is very similar to blackjack. Two to nine cards are face value. Aces are assumed to be of the value of one. The kings, queens, jacks and tens are treated as zero. Under any circumstances, the total value of baccarat is ten or more. The first digit of the total count is ignored. If the total value of baccarat is 12, it will sum to 2; if 10, then the value is 0. Install 918kiss download app on your mobile and play baccarat. During the game, two pair of hands are in action; the player and the banker hand. The dealer reveals the hands of all parties, determines the winning hand immediately or other rounds of cards dealt to each hand.


The maximum limit of cards in baccarat is restricted to three. The players have no say regarding whether an extra card gets dealt to a hand. It is all decided by the intricate protocol of the game. Getting an extra card is termed as drawing, based on some specific rules. A natural hand instantly wins or ties; the hand with the highest total wins.


The casinos always have an advantage over players because of the mechanism behind the game; this benefit is called the house edge. As a thumb rule, the house edge is higher for easy games. Baccarat is an atypical case; though there is no skill involved in the game, the house edge is relatively low. The house edge on bet on the player hand is 1.24%. While the house edge on bet on the banker, factoring the commission is 1.06%. Log on to to play baccarat.


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