Some people still believe that poker is more of a man’s game. Whilst this isn’t necessarily true, it can’t be denied that the game still attracts more men than women, but why? When you head over to any of the top online casinos found at GoodLuckMate, you will find all different games – slots, blackjack, roulette, bingo and poker etc. However, it’s more likely to be men that click on the links to poker. Here, we will take a quick look at why that is.

A Masculine History

Poker started as a very male-dominated game and, in its early years, it was played only by men. If a woman did have the nerve to hit the tables, then they were certainly going against the social etiquette of the time. Those that dared were certainly seen unfavourably by their contemporaries. Poker was for men – and girls simply weren’t welcome.

Although things have certainly changed, it’s still not equal.

Sexism in Poker

Unfortunately, there are still some men that see this as a male-only space – and women that join the tables (especially after a few alcoholic beverages have been had) can face men that aren’t on their best behaviour. They have to deal with sleazy chat-up attempts, insults and lots of socially unacceptable behaviour.

If women that do attempt to try out the game are playing in an environment where they don’t feel comfortable, there’s little motivation to come back for more. Poker is as much for the experience as the money, so if it’s not an enjoyable experience, what’s the point? This isn’t always the case – and we like to think it’s getting better, but it still happens all too much.

In fact, some of the most well-known female poker players in the world, such as Vanessa Rousso and Liv Boeree have talked about this issue several times – and this is when playing poker at the highest levels. This is likely the main reason that women today tend to steer clear of the game and try out something else.

Online Poker – An Answer?

The good news is that women can play online poker without that issue arising. You can sign up and play no matter what your gender. As such, it is the case that more women play poker online than at land-based tables. The ratio is still tipped strongly towards men, although not to the same extent. So, this indicates that there’s something else that holds women back from the game

Well, there tends to be a lot of male-focused advertising. Much of the budget spent advertising poker games and tournaments is spent on adverts targeted toward men. Women are rarely featured in poker adverts although there are more women in the game than ever before.

Another factor is that, in many countries, the sad fact is that more men have access to more disposable income than women, which makes it more accessible to them.

So, are things changing and will they change? Well, compared to the old days, things are certainly better – and there are more female players now than ever before. There are more female ambassadors for the game than ever. More focus is now being shifted to attracting female players and hopefully, it will continue to improve… So let’s see where we are in ten years!

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