Poker is a game that some people start playing at the age of 13 and it gets indoctrinated into their systems by the time they are 24 or so years old. Many kids today try poker before they find something else to do. I have had so many good Judi Poker players for friends and I can tell you one thing for free. They all quit the game. Each of them had different reasons for quitting the game and I intend to share some of them with you in the rest of this article.

If you have been playing poker for some time now, there are a few things that you have learned about it that make you want to quit sometime, but maybe because you are already addicted, you can’t do it. First, if you are at a level where you can’t do without poker, it is probably a good time to quit. Poker should be fun and not a life sentence or a black hole where every penny you get goes. Below are reasons for you to quit poker.

Poker is not profitable

This is something that many gamblers have a hard time coming to terms with. The truth is that poker and any other gambling game is not profitable in the long term. You may make some money playing a few games, but if you remain in the game long enough, you will start making some serious losses. Poker is not a profitable venture and trying to make it one will only hurt your financial standing. The strategy for playing poker is not simple at all and cannot be mastered by just anyone. Even those who have mastered it still make serious losses.

What makes judi poker online even less profitable is the fact that the casino you are playing at always has to take a percentage of the money you win. The percentage usually varies from one casino to the next and can be quite high in some places.

Losing sucks

How do you feel after you have just lost a huge sum of money in one game? Now, how do you feel when you lose huge sums of money in eight games without a break on your losing streak? The simplest way to put the feeling of losing is that it sucks. Losing money simply sucks and is very painful no matter how much you have made playing poker. What is worse is that losing is something you can always expect in poker.

The mixture of feelings you get when you make losses is hard to describe. Suddenly you start understanding that all the movies you have watched where the gambler always ends winning huge sums of money were all lies. There are people who have developed depression because they could not handle the stress of losing at poker. It is better to quit than to commit suicide or become depressed because of a game

Gambling is like other addictions

Unfortunately, gambling is just as addictive as alcohol or drugs. Your first game will not look like much and you will remain in great control at the beginning. However, as times goes by and you win some good money on your winning streak, you won’t want the fun to stop. You will want more of the good feeling and as such, you will keep coming back for more. The worst part is that you won’t be able to control your addiction even when you start losing

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